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I'm a Software Engineer and Developer Advocate with a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I enjoy solving problems, writing, building products, mentoring, and automating workflows.

I'm also passionate about communities and open-source, and also tinkering and messing around with smartphones, rooting and flashing ROMs onto them, or scrapping them for parts to use in other hardware projects.

I'm a problem-solver at heart, highly teachable and eager to learn new skills, fun to work with, have a killer work ethic, and above all, extremely curious and ask a lot of questions!

I'm also a huge Otaku, so feel free to talk to me about all things anime, manga, or Japan!

Currently seeking full-time opportunities!
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Backend Development

Developer Relations

Full Stack Web


Copywriting & SEO

Digital Marketing

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Bachelor's Degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering

Anna University, Chennai

2017 - 2021



Software Engineer


May 2021 - Present

Software Product Engineer & Data Analyst Intern

SPI Edge

Jun 2020 - Feb 2021

  • Designed & implemented an end-to-end system to monitor & analyze habit formation using atomic habit principles & deployed the app to over 200 employees, resulting in a 50% increase in employee habit streaks.
  • Developed a dashboard to track, analyze, & present metrics in real-time.
  • Oversaw, led, and mentored 15 hackathon-winning teams into turning their projects into potential start-ups using the GROW and sprint models.
  • Software Engineer Intern


    May - Sep 2019

  • Designed, developed, tested, and deployed a system to automate lead generation and scheduling of more than 50,000 email campaigns using Python and Sendy.
  • Reduced effort to send out campaigns by 85% & saved nearly 5000 man-hours.
  • Head of Content; Content Writer & Digital Marketer

    Wonsulting 4 World Literacy @The Wonsulting Project 2020

    Jun - Sep 2020

  • Led the content and research team in successfully raising ~COL$ 3.5 Million in < 2 weeks and developing content to raise awareness to sponsor the education of children in poverty in Colombia.
  • The goal of the Wonsulting4WorldLiteracy Project was primarily to raise funds to sponsor the education of children in poverty in Colombia, while at the same time raising awareness on the importance of literacy in and the poverty-literacy cycle.
  • My role as a content writer and editor involved combing through the data dump created by the Research Team, and ensuring the format, style, citations and content of all documents were standardized, engaging, and tactful.
  • Delivered presentations on the state of literacy in Colombia, Ghana, and India, which were part of the fundraising deck.
  • Won the Wonsulting Project 2020 competition from amongst 4500+ submissions.
  • Software Engineer Intern


    Feb - Mar 2020

  • Redesigned and built a website, which serves as the primary point of contact with consumers from scratch, and gained experience in Figma, Canva, and SEO Optimization.
  • Contributed to their app’s codebase in React Native.
  • Content Developer Intern

    Get Shit Done

    Jun - Nov 2020

  • Developed social media content, post series, and marketing strategies for Get Shit Done's Instagram page.
  • Oversaw a follower growth of 900% as the sole content writer.
  • Head of Web Development

    Pranav 2019

    Mar - Aug 2019

  • Led the Web Development team, and designed from scratch the website and registration forms of Pranav 2019, my school's national-level technical symposium.
  • Mentor & Judge

    Major League Hacking

    Feb 2021 - Present

  • Mentored participants and judged submissions for 10+ MLH-hosted events and hackathons.
  • Teaching Assistant

    Harvard's CS50 2021 Seminars

    Jan 2021

    Dec 2020 - Feb 2021

  • Mentored students in DevScript Winter of Code to contribute to open-source projects.
  • Data Science Bootcamp Teaching Assistant

    Data Inspired Young Analysts

    Dec 2020 - Jan 2021; Jun - Jul 2021

  • Mentored batches of ~10 students towards learning from scratch Python and the basics of data science in the space of a month-long winter and summer bootcamp, with the goal of building a loan application classifier.
  • Project Co-ordinator - Hackathons and Events

    Madras Hacker Space

    April 2020 - Present

  • Conducted workshops and talks centered around helping newbie programmers.
  • Madras Hacker Space is an open community for innovators to thrive, collaborate, learn from the best and to use the power of technology to solve real world problems. We do this by facilitating talks, masterclasses, conducting hackathons, coding challenges, organizing technology meetups and providing a space to meet, collaborate and work on various projects.
  • Event Co-ordinator - Hackathon & Coding Challenge

    Pranav 2019

    Mar - Aug 2019

  • Organized, coordinated, designed questions and tests, and pulled off Code Mantra at Pranav 2019, a national level technical symposium, which saw a total of over 500 participants.
  • Hackathon Ambassador


    Feb - Jul 2021

    Content Writer & Digital Marketer Intern

    Aspire India

    Jun 2020 - Jan 2021

  • Designed content strategies, posts (>14 per week), and social media content for Aspire's Instagram and LinkedIn pages.
  • Mar 2018 - Feb 2020

    High School Volunteer Math Teacher

    CAS Dr. P V Rao Higher Secondary School

    Apr 2018 - Mar 2019

  • Taught grade 10 mathematics from scratch to underprivileged children at C A S Dr. P V Rao Higher Secondary School, Chennai.
  • Disaster Relief Volunteer

    Suyam Charitable Trust

    Nov - Dec 2015

  • Worked with SUYAM Charitable Trust during the 2015 Chennai floods to pack and deliver food packets and other necessities to the flood-affected populace.
  • Mar 2014 - Jul 2017

  • Volunteered during my school days as part of E.F.I., and participated in beach clean-ups and lake restorations.
  • Talks





    Open Source


    Won 2nd Place (out of 100+ submissions) at RoboHacks by MLH

    Tech Stack: Python, Flask, REST API, Google Apps Script, JavaScript, Twilio Sendgrid, Linode

  • Built a Deep Learning-based system to detect and fix mispronunciations in spoken English.
  • Detected mispronunciations with the help of the TIMIT dataset with 70% accuracy and delivered feedback.
  • AthenaML

    Part of a Research Endeavor - Published Paper

    Tech Stack: Python, Flask, REST API, Google Apps Script, JavaScript, Twilio Sendgrid, Linode

  • Built a web app to mass-generate certificates for events and mail them to participants.
  • Uses a Google Apps Script to feed individual participant info from a Google Sheet into a REST API built with Flask, and emails the participant their generated certificate using the Twilio Sendgrid API.
  • Won Second Place (out of 100+ submissions) at Major League Hacking's RoboHacks Hackathon.
  • QnA Automation Bot

    Tech Stack: Python, OS, Webscraping, Selenium, Requests, BeautifulSoup, Discord, Twilio API, Heroku, Numpy

  • Built a CLI tool that posts a question in chat & records responses in a spreadsheet, given an online class link.
  • Helped lecturers understand students' comprehension level, providing an easy way to mark attendance using webhooks & Twilio API.
  • HackCal

    Won a Category Prize (out of 100+ submissions) at SelfieHacks by MLH

    Tech Stack: Python, Flask, Requests, BS4, REST APIs, Javascript, Google Cloud

  • Built a web app, CLI tool, and Discord bot to generate calendar events for MLH hackathons and their mini-events, workshops, and deadlines, and add them to the user's preferred calendar.
  • Capstone Project (Grade 12)

    Tech Stack: Java, NetBeans, JDBC, MySQL, Swing

  • Created player-versus-computer games including unbeatable versions of Tic-Tac-Toe, Mastermind and PONG.
  • Also created a character sprite animation and an e-Commerce page with a front-end built in Java and a back-end in SQL.
  • Roll Ricks Not Joints

    Won a Category Prize (out of 100+ submissions) at Impractical Hackers by MLH

    Tech Stack: JavaScript, jQuery

  • A chrome extension built to randomly Rickroll people when they click any link on a webpage.
  • Links are modified at a link-click level rather than a page-wide level, making it harder to detect when a link is hovered over.
  • Amazon Price Tracker

    Tech Stack: Python, SMTPlib, IMAPlib, Requests, BeautifulSoup, Webscraping

  • A Python app that will email the user when the price of a specified item on Amazon drops below a pre-determined threshold.
  • File Organizer

    20 forks and 10 stars on GitHub. Helped over 30 people make their first ever contribution to Open-Source

    Tech Stack: Python, OS, Windows, Linux

  • A script that looks through any folder you tell it to and moves the files to respective subfolders based on the file type.
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